Our dogs 2013

 Furry Drifter´s If Only Unique, Max 21.10.2012 HD C/C ED 0/0 PCD +/+

 Blueshire´s Made For Finns, Marilyn. 23.05.2007 HD A/A ED 0/0 PCD +/+

Czarlinda´s  Little Princess, Manteli 24.04.2010 HD C/C ED0/0 PCD OK

Czarlinda´s Lonely Rider, Hermanni 24.04.2010 HD B/B ED 0/0 PCD OK

.Czarlinda`s Marilyns Girl, Helinä 09.04.2012 HD C/C ED 0/0 PCD +/+ EIC OK

Czarlinda`s News Are Good, Ado 04.07.2013

Shaggy blue Bob`s UnderCover Girl, Helga 28.06.2015 PCD +/+ EIC OK

Czarlinda`s Quite Easy To Love

       Litter 2012

       Manteli BOB and Hermanni BOS